About us

Blessed Marie-Rose School (BMR) is a designated Catholic K-9 school located in the community of Sherwood in North West Calgary. Our attendance area includes the communities of Sherwood and Kincora (K-9), as well as Nolan and Sage Hill (grades 7-9). If facilities and resources allow for us to accept students out of our attendance area, the following priorities are followed as per District Administrative Procedure AP 301 - Student Enrolment in Schools.

For the opening school year (2018-2019), Blessed Marie-Rose School will accommodate K-8 students. Beginning for the 2019-2020 school year, Blessed Marie-Rose will add Grade 9 programming and will continue to serve K-9 students.

We are dedicated to providing a strong Faith-based education program that teaches Catholic values, supports the education of the whole child, and promotes preparing the students for a life of continuous learning and service to the community. It is our sincere hope that students use the opportunities presented each day to learn and discover who they are and the values they live by that shape their character.

At BMR, our Faith will be very present in the energy of the school. We will establish a Christ-centered environment where the creativity, uniqueness, and self-esteem of each child is fostered and nurtured. It is our goal to offer an excellent education where diversity of learning styles is honored and where individual differences are respected.